Is Buying Laptop From Flipkart Safe? New Rules

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By Rahul Gautam

Does Flipkart Delivers laptop safely? Will I get the original product?

There have been a few cases where the wrong product has been delivered to the customer.You might have seen some videos on the internet in which people get soap instead of phone or sometimes they get duplicate product with the same packaging. In this conditions it’s obvious to think twice before buying something online specially when you are purchasing something like laptop. There have been lot of incidents where the customer has claimed to be scammed. In some  cases these claims are false. Some people do this to get free claims, sometimes to defame the company or usually for making a funny video but there have been several cases where people get scammed by seller or the delivery guy.

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To avoid these incidents Flipkart and amazon have now introduced a new system where the delivery guy opens the packaging in front of you. So this is not a thing to worry about now, if you are ordering from trusted sites like flipkart or amazon.

Are Payment methods on Flipkart other than cod safe?

Yes, other payment methods on flipkart are completely safe. Also it keeps you safe and makes your work easy as if you are not available to receive the you can ask some to receive it for you and they don’t need to pay.

How to return product on Flipkart ?

If you have bought something from and you have to return it either because you don’t like it or any other reason, it’s very easy process. If the product has not exceeded it’s return date, you can simply return it by going to your flipkart site or app and in “order” section selecting the product and placing a return request.

How to claim warranty on Flipkart product?

When you buy something like laptop, the warranty card comes in the box and you can claim your warranty like you do with your product that you buy offline.

Best time to buy laptop from Flipkart?

Most people prefer to buy laptop from flipkart during sales like “Big Billion Days”. If you are not in hurry you can wait for it. If you immediately need to buy the laptop you can apply coupons or use cards of some bank which offers discount.

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