Urfi Javed vs. Sonali Kulkarni: Internet Is Divided Over The Two

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Urfi Javed recently lashed out at Sonali Kulkarni on her ‘Indian women are Lazy’ remark and called it ‘insensitive’.

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Urfi Javed, a bold and outspoken Indian actress, recently took to Twitter to criticize fellow actress Sonali Kulkarni for her controversial remark about women in India being lazy. In a recent interview with the media, Kulkarni had suggested that many women in India simply want a boyfriend or husband who can support them financially, rather than striving for self-sufficiency and independence. She called on women to become more self-dependent and to share household expenses with their partners.

Javed, however, took issue with Kulkarni’s comments, calling them “insensitive” and arguing that they fail to acknowledge the challenges faced by modern women who are trying to balance both work and household responsibilities. She also pointed out that men have historically viewed women as mere “child vending machines” and that the primary motivation for marriage has often been dowry, rather than love or mutual respect.

Javed’s criticism of Kulkarni’s remarks has sparked a wider debate about the role of women in Indian society and the need for greater equality and empowerment. Many women have spoken out in support of Javed’s comments, arguing that women should be free to pursue their own dreams and aspirations without being judged or stigmatized. They have also highlighted the many obstacles that women still face in India, including discrimination, gender-based violence, and limited access to education and job opportunities.

Words from Urfi’s tweet replying to Sonali’s video

How insensitive , whatever you said ! You’re calling modern day women lazy when they are handling their work as well as household chores together ? What’s wrong in wanting a husband whose earning good ? Men for centuries only saw women as child vending machine and yes the main…

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